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Custom Portrait , Selfie Decal.

You can make a gift to someone you love or make picture from funny moment and make it as a gift with humor. 😀
You can make your and your significant other Picture of some happy moment and make from it a beautiful art Decor.
Or Make a decal from your kids or other important family member picture to
remind yourself what are you fighting for.

The biggest gift we can give is our love, and memories is Proof of that.


We offer you to create your own Selfie or Portrait decal.
This decal can be used anywhere.
We make decals only in 2 colors. Black or White. The decals colors sometimes is only possible in one color, it depends on pictures lights and shadows.

How to Purchase.

How to purchase custom Selfie or Portrait decal?
1. Choose Decal size.
2. Choose Preferred Color. (Color may vary of shadows and lights in picture )
3. Send us image you would like to make to decal.

(For bigger size, please contact us. An we will make special order for you.)

Info about product

HD Quality
Our Vinyl Decal Are the Best Quality We make HD Like Vinyl Cuts Our Vinyl Decals have the Sharpest image.

This is die cut vinyl decal. You can put it on anything if you want.

The vinyl decal is designed and custom cut by us at our own shop. The vinyl is made from premium sign vinyl and we only use the top brands unlike conventional printed stickers it does not have a white or transparent background. Add a touch of individuality and give yourself and your loved ones art of Love, Gloss & Matte Finish Vinyl.

We only use high grade sign vinyl If you change your mind the decal can be easily removed and will not leave any sticky glue residue behind. Full application instructions are included with each purchase.

Made in the Latvia


We can customize the size and color of most designs to fit your personal needs.

Thank You For Shopping at Kvanbid Shop!
Custom Portrait , Selfie Decal.